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What? No one told you you needed to advertise? How well are you doing now without it? If you are like most local business website owners, the answer is lousy. You spent a nice chunk of change to have a professional design your beautiful website and launch it onto the Information Super Highway.

Then what happened? You waited. You told family, friends and customers. You waited some more. You are still waiting but nothing is happening. Here is why.

Many web designers are very good at what they do but have little understanding of what it takes to get prospects to your website. It is plain as day when we do a website analysis how well the site will do as a prospect generator. Many do not follow basic 'best practice standards' that are necessary to rank well enough to attract enough attention to be worth while.

How Much Have You Budgeted To Advertise Your Website?

You will face three choices to answer this question. You can hire it done. You can do it yourself. Or you can do a combo of the two.

You should take an active role in creating your web presence no matter what you decide. It is just too important not to.

We work closely with local business owners and managers to make sure they get online the right way to attract search engine traffic and get their offer seen before their competition's. We guarantee top placements for our clients. Give us a call at 800-771-2587 or 928-772-7285 ( in Arizona) between 9 to 6 Mountain Standard Time to go over things.

But Hurry!

The local Internet is wide open for the aggressive local merchant or service provider who will dominate their local space in ways that offline advertising and promotion either can not do or can no longer do. But the window of opportunity is closing.

Not too long ago many of our contemporaries lost their businesses to the big box store explosion and disappearance of main street shopping. We see this happening now on the web. 'Order online for local store delivery' is growing and is only the beginning. All the major players are making aggressive investments in web-based advertising, promotion and information systems.

If you are the plumber, beauty salon, lawyer, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, landscaper or any other business that relies on local prospects to fuel your future, and want to dominate your market, your time is now.

We will give you a tour of your market on the Internet free for the asking. Maybe you will find where your prospects have gone or can go. Call now to get started. Ask for Dave or Toni at 800-771-2587 or 928-772-7285.

Help Local Businesses Get Online

Are you looking to help local businesses go online, get their offer found and make a good living doing it? Give us a call.

We take pride in what we do for our clients and it shows in their bottom line!
Give us a call to see what a top ranked website can mean to your business.
800-771-2587 or 928-772-7285 locally in the USA and Canada

"We Make Your Door Swing & Your Phone Ring"

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